About 911

Since 9-1-1 was introduced to Mendham, it has led to speedier responses to emergencies.  However, there are a few details about 9-1-1 that you should be aware of:
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CO Detectors & Alarms

According to UL Standard 2034, home carbon monoxide detectors must sound a warning before carbon monoxide levels reach 100 parts per million over 90 minutes, 200 parts per million over 35 minutes or 400 parts per million over 15 minutes. The standard requires the alarm must sound before an average, healthy adult begins to experience symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. The warning provides time to evacuate the premises.
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How Safe is Your Home?

Each year, over 4,000 Americans perish and more than 20,000 others suffer serious injuries because of residential fires.
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Chimney Maintenance

Have you ever heard the old story that a good way to clean creosote from a chimney is to have a good chimney fire? Well, don’t you believe it! Chimney fires can be your worst enemy. As the popularity of heating with wood continues to grow, so does the rate of house fires. In fact, wood stoves (and fireplace inserts) are one of the leading causes of house fires nationwide. These fires fall into two categories: those resulting from improper installation, and those resulting from chimney abuse.
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Smoke Alarms: What You Need to Know

Install. Inspect. Protect. Smoke alarms save lives! If your smoke alarm was installed more than 10 years ago, it needs to be replaced.
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MFD Supporter T-Shirts

Just in time for the Holidays! Order you Mendham Fire Department “Supporter” t-shirt today as a gift for you favorite Future Fighter, Buff or treat yourself.
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Queens Court Fire: March 23, 2009

Around 7:00 p.m. on March 23, 2009 the Mendham Fire Department was called to a reported house fire on Queens Court in the Brookside section of Mendham Township. continue reading →

In Memoriam: Joe Murphy

Joseph J. Murphy died Thursday, Nov. 13, 2008, at the N.J. Firemen’s Home, Boonton, N.J. He was 76. continue reading →

Video: NBC News Segment: January 13, 2003

Members of the Mendham Fire Department are interviewed by Amiee Nuzzo, focuses on thermal imaging cameras, which were still rather new to the industry at the time. continue reading →