114th Annual Dinner


Saturday, August 6, 2022 — This evening the Mendham Fire Department will celebrate accomplishments occurring in 2019, 2020, and 2021 at its 114h Annual Dinner celebration.

Service stripes for service through 2019 will be presented to:

  • Michael J. Bruin: 5 Years of Service
  • O. William Crutchow: 15 Years of Service
  • Edward Tencza: 25 Years of Service
  • Fr. Michael Drury: 35 Years of Service

Service stripes for service through 2020 will be presented to:

  • Matthew Bruin, Thompson Mitchell, and Gary Lynch 5 Years of Service

Service stripes for service through 2021 will be presented to:

  • Ryan Bruin, James Cillo, Daniel Swift, and Michael DiMaio: 5 Years of Service
  • Alex Cascais, Andrew Cascais, and Gregory Grobels: 10 Years of Service
  • Joshua Small: 15 Years of Service
  • Thomas Gilligan: 20 Years of Service
  • Michael J. Orgera: 25 Years of Service
  • Kenneth Betz: 45 Years of Service

The evening will also include a sit-down dinner with dancing to follow. Covering the Borough for the evening will be the Mendham Township Fire Department.

114th Annual Dinner Program