About Mendham Fire Department

Formed in 1905, the Mendham Fire Department provides volunteer fire protection, rescue and fire-prevention education to the over 5,000 residents of and visitors to the Borough of Mendham—a municipality located in Morris County, New Jersey. We operate out of one station that protects a primarily residential area of about six square miles.

The Mendham Fire Department is made up of the Mendham Hose Company—formed in 1905 and the Mendham Independent Hook & Ladder Company—formed in 1913. We have an ISO rating of 5/9 and respond to an average of over 250 calls each year. Our Station ID# is 14180 (Station 18). For more about our department, please read our history.

Our Mission

It is the intent of the Mendham Fire Department to provide the safest Fire Protection and Education to its members, residents and the general public at no charge. The manner in which we will provide these services shall be systematically approached and in accordance with standard practices and procedures of the Mendham Fire Department, the  New Jesse Division of Fire and Safety and the National Fire Protection Agency.

Coverage Area

As mentioned, the Mendham fire Department is located in and covers the Borough of Mendham. And, while we frequently assist our neighbors to the east—Brookside Engine Company—and west—Ralston Engine Company—we make up two separate Fire Departments (and three unique organizations).

About the Borough of Mendham

“Mendham is a pleasant country town, well removed from any main road. It is the kind of place where everybody knows everybody else–and newcomers are noticed the first time they appear and studied closely the second time.”Life Magazine, January 1962

The Borough of Mendham is a small community in northern New Jersey, located on Route 24, midway between the towns of Chester and Morristown. It is the home of about 5,000 residents as well as the Black Horse Inn, a local restaurant that dates back to 1742. For more information about the Borough of Mendham, please visit mendhamnj.org.


Image credit: Wikimedia.