Drowning is Silent

Admittedly, this article is a little off topic for a fire department; however we felt the message is too important not to share. In this feature by KMSP-TV, we learn that Drowning is silent!

There is a fatal misunderstanding that even the media is perpetuates at times.

“There is not going to be that yelling and screaming,” Jon Foss, of Foss Swim School, explained.

WARNING: You are about to watch a child drown in plain sight. It is real. Two more children will then drown in plain sight, but this time, it is not real. Rather, it is a life-saving Fox 9 demonstration that is as stunning as it is unsettling.

Water safety tips

  1. Never swim alone: Even a teenager or adult should swim with a buddy.
  2. Pick a look-out: Designate an adult to be close enough to reach out and touch a child under 4 years old whenever they are in the water.
  3. Don’t waste time: If your child is missing, look in the pool first.
  4. Keep a cell phone nearby: Every second counts when you have to call 911, but keep it turned off or silenced while you watch swimmers in the pool.
  5. Install alarms: Any door or window leading to a pool area can be outfitted to alert adults to unexpected access.

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