Keep our Hydrants Clear

The Mendham Fire Department would like to remind residents to please shovel in front of and around the fire hydrant closest to your home so that firefighters can see and access it during an emergency.

If possible, please clear the snow three (3) feet in all directions and clear the access from the street to make it possible for firefighters to attach hose-lines to the hydrant. Seconds count during an emergency and the time it takes a firefighter to dig out a buried hydrant could make all the difference in the outcome at a fire.

Safety First! Residents should only shovel around the hydrant if:

  • They can safely shovel around the area, leaving about three feet around the hydrant for fire personnel to gain access.
  • They are not on a major road, where there is a danger of being hit by a vehicle.
  • They are physically capable of shoveling without posing a health risk.


Hydrant Map

Not sure where the hydrant closest to your home is? Find it on the map below.

Full Screen Map →