MFD Awards Scholarship to Firefighter Sarah Betz

The Mendham Fire Department is pleased to announce this year’s Scholarship Winner is Firefighter Sarah Betz. Sarah, a member since March of 2009, was awarded $2500.00 by the Mendham Independent Hook & Ladder Company on May 31, 2011. After her graduation from the Academy of Saint Elizabeth, Sarah will continue her studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

About the Scholarship

The Mendham Fire Department is a non-profit organization that provides Fire and Rescue services to the Borough of Mendham. The Department was formed in 1905 and has operated as a total volunteer effort since its inception. Due to recent waning volunteerism, the Mendham Fire Department has recognized the need to recruit members to assist in the operations of the Department. The Department is seeking to award those individuals that have exhibited strong leadership qualities, those recognizing the need for volunteerism in society, those dedicated to teamwork and those dedicated to the pursuit of a higher education.

Junior Membership Program

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