Teaching Kids Fire Safety

Fire Is...Dr. Frank Field, a retired WCBS weather and science reporter, wants kids to know what it really looks like in a fire so he produced a video series called “Fire is Black.” The series is being offered for free to schools across New Jersey. Dr. Field thinks it is imperative that families do fire drills at home and have an established escape route because fires move quickly.

Click here for the complete “Fire Is…” Series of videos

Fire Is Video Series

A five Part Video Series on fire prevention and safety hosted by Dr. Frank Field along with his son Storm and daughter Allison.

Learn the true nature of fire. Fire isn’t like you’ve seen it in movies or on television. This video introduces you to the reality of what fire is really like and why fire safety is so important. But, before you watch any of the videos, take the Fire Is… Pretest to test your knowledge of basic fire safety.

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