2016 Fund Drive

Our 2016 Fund Drive is underway; please help us, help you.

Our Annual fund-drive letter is currently being mailed to residents and business owners. Your generosity helps bring the department new equipment, new training and new technology—it is a strong signal that you value the service of our volunteers, and the significant tax savings of a volunteer fire department.
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Winter Safety & Your Utility Equiptment

Your outdoor gas meter and ventilation equipment are designed to withstand winter weather conditions, but heavy or hard-packed snow and ice on the meter or external fuel burning equipment exhaust vents can present a significant safety hazard. continue reading →

Did You Know: You Have Only 3 or 4 Minutes to Escape a House Fire!

MFD Elects 2016 Officers

The members of the Mendham Fire Department are pleased to announce its officers for 2016. continue reading →

Hoverboard Fire Safety Tips

Hoverboard — part toy, part transportation. These self-balancing scooters have quickly become the latest fad. However, many hover boards have been linked to fires. NFPA urges you to be fire safe when using these devices.
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Don’t Burn Your Wrapping Paper

Christmas morning in many homes means unwrapping gifts in front of a cozy fireplace. And every year, local fire departments across the country warn people not to toss all that wrapping paper into the flames, for very good reason: It might start a serious chimney fire.
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Twelfth Night Christmas Tree Bonfire Celebration Set for January 10, 2016



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Kitchen Safety: Grease Fires

Grease fires happens when your cooking oil becomes too hot. When heating, oils first start to boil, then they’ll start smoking, and then they’ll catch on fire. Most vegetable oils have a smoking point around 450°F, while animal fats like lard or goose fat will start smoking around 375°F. continue reading →

In Memoriam: Donald “Murph” Rae

Donald A. “Murph” Rae, 88, formerly of Washington, NJ passed away peacefully on October 11, 2015 at the NJ Fireman’s Home in Boonton, NJ where he was a resident for the past year.
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Power Outage Safety

Sudden power outages can be frustrating and troublesome, especially when they last a long time. If a power outage is 2 hours or less, don’t be concerned about losing your perishable foods. For prolonged power outages, though, there are steps you can take to minimize food loss and to keep all members of your household as comfortable as possible. continue reading →